Cool the Earth: Green the Planet

Cool the Earth: Green the Planet

September 9 – October 13, 2021

Photo by Coralie Meurice

Welcome to our Cool the Earth Campaign!

You probably know the Earth is heating up, reaching records for high temperatures, storm intensity and frequency, drought, flooding, and desertification. You probably know that there are ways to be less destructive, actions we can take that damage our home planet less deeply.

But did you know about all the ways we can restore the health and abundance that makes this planet a living marvel? Did you know that nature-regenerating climate solutions don’t just buffer our long-term prospects, but actually work to cool the Earth here and now? 

Climate change and its effects are here. We are not just working for the outcomes of some far-off fate. We are finding and spreading the answers that people need and can use now. Some communities are already embracing these methods, doing their part to fight global climate change, while cleaning the air and water they use, regenerating the soil they rely on, producing nutritious food for increased health and wealth, and yes, cooling the land where they are. 

The more extreme conditions get, the more urgent it becomes to implement these simple and powerful solutions and spread the knowledge we need to restore ecological integrity. As biologist John Todd said, “that which has been damaged can be healed”, and we are determined to heal everything that we can. Join us in this effort for the opportunity and journey of a lifetime. We can cool the Earth, so let’s get to it! 

For the next few weeks, we are raising money to support upcoming courses, host conferences, compile our research compendium, share lectures and our vast collection of resources, expand our rewilding efforts, and work through partnership, education, advocacy and more to restore our beloved home planet. A generous donor provided a matching fund at this time so that one-time contributions or the first three months of monthly support could be matched!

To all who participated, thank you so much for working with us!