Biodiversity Deep Dive – Transformation to a Holistic Perspective: Class 1

Biodiversity Deep Dive – Transformation to a Holistic Perspective: Class 1

Our first class last Wednesday had a good turn out.  There were 26 people in the 12pm class and 22 at 7pm for a total of 45. (3 people came to parts of both classes.)  We have 12 new people in their 1st course.  We also have 6 people who missed some courses and are back. 

I was happy with the enthusiasm in both classes.  My feedback is that the 20 minute Breakout sessions went well.  I hope the “Newbies” feel welcome. 

Thank You to our 3 Teaching Assistants, Anita Roy Dobbs, Yulia Rothenberg and Cynthia Contie who have volunteered to help make the classes run more smoothly.  We hope to have the “Symbiosis Team” google group running soon where you can find all the class notes and links in one place and not clog up your email.

Readings for next week:

“Cows Save the Planet” by Judy Schwartz 

  • Read the Forward by Gretel Ehrlich – How long before you see the word photosynthesis?  On page x she assesses the planet’s health.  
  • Read the Introduction & Chapter 1 where we meet Peter Donovan (School Bus) & Abe Collins in Vermont.  
  • Paul McCullough in class pointed out that Native Americans used Fire as a way to put Carbon into the ground.  Biochar is the topic on pp. 28-29.  Thanx Paul.  Fire is a possible tool.  There are more and more fires now. Are the charred remains a way for nature to recover. On page 26, Judy writes about Cows and Methane.  What does she say?  What do you think about that?

“Nourishment” by Fred Provenza

  • Read: Point of Departure – Transforming (pp. 1-9)  Take your time with this.  What is new to you?
    • What questions would you want to ask Fred Provenza if you ever meet him?  
    • When you are ready, wade into Part I – “Dining with Change.”  What do you think about the Clara Davis Kids? (pp. 20-21)
Carl Sagan Video (3:05)

Class Slides