Cambridge Science Festival Talk

Cambridge Science Festival – October 6 at 3pm ET

Photo by Dino Kuznik

Wholehearted Regeneration: Boosting Communal and Climate Resilience One Pocket Forest at a Time

On Thursday, October 6, we joined the Cambridge Science Festival’s climate hub to share insights on ecosystem restoration and urban rewilding.

Maya Dutta, Assistant Director of Regenerative Projects at Bio4Climate shared her work on Miyawaki Forests, which includes caring for the first forest of this kind planted in the Northeast US in Danehy Park, Cambridge in September 2021. She shared the story of that project and ongoing rewilding work in the Greater Boston area and beyond, and discussed how this method and other forms of ecosystem restoration can build community resilience, equity, and wellbeing while addressing global climate change. Learn more about the event and the Cambridge Science Festival, and stay tuned for the recording, which will be available on this page and on Bio4Climate’s YouTube Channel.