Scenario 300 – The Workshop

This workshop is in Woburn, Massachusetts, in the Greater Boston area.

We can stop global warming with the help of the natural world, the most powerful force on Earth. And all of our fellow creatures will pitch in for free!

You can join the rest of life and be an important player in restoring billions of acres to health and abundance. Through eco-restoration we can calm a climate that’s out of control, end floods and drought, and feed the world. Scenario 300 will show you how!

Biodiversity for a Livable Climate’s staff scientist Jim Laurie will be teaching a 7-class course on how to realize Nature’s potential for biology to draw carbon dioxide levels down to 300 ppm, cool the continents and eventually the oceans, and restore abundance to humans and millions of other specieson earth.

This engaging class should not be missed!

Topics will be:
The Big Picture
Freshwater Systems
Restorative Agriculture
Salt Water Ecosystems return as the Oceans rise
Summary Discussion and Class Reports

Classes will start June 26th and run through August.   The schedule will be determined by the participants. Cost is $200 for full registration or $40 per class.

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