Cleo Braver

Cleo Braver has the pleasure of living on Cottingham Farm with her husband Allie Tyler, where she and her two full-time employees produce certified organic vegetables and pastured meat and eggs in order to contribute to a year-round natural resource-based economy. She sells to grocers, restaurants and any member of the public who wishes to drive out to the farm on Thursdays-Saturdays.

She enjoyed a previous career as an environmental lawyer for a public company, and she has always advocated for ways in which the law can serve the public interest, particularly with respect to the environment. Most recently, she has been engaged in efforts to create the non-profit Eastern Shore Food Hub to aggregate, market and distribute locally and sustainably produced foods, and engage communities in growing and eating healthy foods and recognizing the direct relationship between their personal food choices, personal and public health, the environment, and the economy.