Sarah Howard

Sarah Howard is the Executive Director of Earthos Institute in Somerville, Massachusetts.  Her work has focused on building community and regional resiliency and vitality as well as ecological and justice issues.  She has taught experiential environmental education and founded community learning centers in urban areas, worked for cultural institutions to develop community partnerships/education, served as an elected Housing Commissioner in Westport MA, and served as Urban Agriculture Ambassador in Somerville. To better understand the interface between people, land, and food, Sarah started walking across regions; her experiences and research led her to study architecture and public policy, focusing on sustainable design and regional resiliency. In 2009, she co-founded Earthos with the conviction that we need different kinds of knowledge and methods to support the emergence of sustaining, resilient community-to-bioregional systems. She also teaches sustainable/bioregional urbanism and experiential learning methods at the Boston Architectural College.