Tim LaSalle

Since 2007 Tim LaSalle has championed his science-based hope for a regenerative food system that will mitigate climate change by carbon sequestration in place of soil carbon loss. He has served as the first CEO of Rodale Institute; Executive Director of the Northwest Earth Institute, an organization dedicated to grass roots movements; Executive Director of the Allan Savory Center for Holistic Management, an international non-profit whose mission is to restore and regenerative deteriorating landscapes; consultant, advisor, and research coordinator for the Howard Buffett Foundation in Africa on soils and food security for smallholder farmers and most recently co-founder of the Regenerative Agriculture Initiative at California State University Chico.  

While serving as a professor at California Polytechnic State University, he also started and operated his own dairy farm an became involved with the California Agricultural Leadership Program. LaSalle soon became its CEO, where he arranged educational leadership programs in more than 80 countries with heads of state, ministers and community leaders, and thus became exposed and a student of many of humanity’s global challenges, of which climate change and soil loss remain our most pressing.