Engin Atasay, Jim Corven, Rachael Furlong, Zoe Hansen-DiBello: Educating the New Climate Paradigm

Panel - Educating for the New Climate Paradigm

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In this era of global warming and extreme weather events we face the uncommonly difficult task of preparing our children for the future. How do we explain to them what is happening, and how we got here? How do we provide them with the skills and resilience to face these challenges with strength and optimism? Our panelists will discuss models that connect young people to the natural world, help them understand and experience themselves as part of complex and biodiverse ecosystems, and teach the art and science of planetary regeneration.

Paula Phipps, Moderator
Preparing future generations for climate change
Engin Atasay, Assistant Professor of Education, BCC: Building ecoliteracy into education
Jim Corven, Associate Professor of Biology and Director of Organic Agriculture at BCC: Teaching carbon farming as part of organic agriculture
Rachael Furlong from Seeds of Sustainability, a BCC student organization:
Student involvement ranging from fossil fuel divestment to permaculture
Zoe Hansen-DiBello, Marion Institute:
Engaging communities by teaching in neighborhood gardens, and moving toward carbon farming

From Biodiversity for a Livable Climate conference “Reversing Global Warming: Carbon Farming for Food, Health, Prosperity and Planet” at Bristol Community College in Massachusetts.
Friday February 20, 2015.

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