Paul Schmid, Maggie Payne, William McCaffrey: Local Carbon Farming

Panel - Local Carbon Farming

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How do we continue to farm productively and profitably without having to change everything we do? This panel will focus on several key practical elements that significantly increase the restorative powers of farming for biodiversity and carbon sequestration, along with increasing yields, needing fewer if any synthetic inputs, growing profits, and improving the health of both farmers and consumers.

Ridge Shinn, Grazier, Moderator:
The benefits of livestock for soil, food, economy and climate
Paul Schmid, Proprietor of River Rock Farm, Massachusetts State Rep. from 8th Bristol district:
Raising grass-finished beef, and legislative support for agriculture
Maggie Payne, USDA
William McCaffrey, 2nd Generation Farmer in E. Taunton, Cornell U. Graduate:
Farming produce and cranberries

From Biodiversity for a Livable Climate conference “Reversing Global Warming: Carbon Farming for Food, Health, Prosperity and Planet” at Bristol Community College in Massachusetts.
Friday February 20, 2015.

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