Soak Up the Rain! What We Can Do to Reduce Drought, Floods, Heat Waves & Severe Storms: Jan Lambert

Soak Up the Rain! What We Can All Do to Reduce Drought, Floods, Heat Waves and Severe Storms

Did you ever stop to think about what happens with all the water that goes down the storm drains in your town or city every time it rains? Jan Lambert, even though a lifelong nature advocate, never gave that question much thought until 2014, when as an environmental journalist she learned about the profound and central role of the natural water cycle in regulating and moderating each region’s climate. It is not at all hard to understand how humans, by interfering with the natural flow of water through landscapes and the atmosphere, have damaged both land and climate. The good news is that by making some simple changes, we can restore the natural life-giving flow of water. It may surprise you to learn that it’s not how much water we use, but what happens after we use it, that really matters.

Jan Lambert: environmental writer and editor of The Valley Green Journal

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