Youth Education and Activism Project

A proposal for the 

 Youth Education and Activism Project (YEA!) 


Making Connections

Growing numbers of young people are aware of the urgent need to act now in order to address rapidly mounting environmental and climate crises.  Many of them are still in high school and college and want to graduate, but are also very anxious and concerned, and want to go to work on global warming full time. 

Biodiversity for a Livable Climate (Bio4Climate.orgis developing a mentoring and independent study program where students may receive formal academic credit for these activities, applicable to certificate and degree programs.  We are seeking partnerships with a variety of organizations so that we may work with youth who are eager to help regenerate healthy soils and biodiversity, address floods and droughts, establish economic and social justice worldwide, revive local economies, and address global warming.

Our Mission

Through education, policy and outreach, our mission is to promote the power of the natural world to stabilize the climate and to restore biodiversity to ecosystems worldwide.  


Evidence from the formal scientific literature, historical record, and the experience of restoration ecologists, farmers, ranchers and wildlife and land managers across the globe strongly support regeneration of biodiversity and ecosystems as keys to reversing global warming.  Biodiversity for a Livable Climate promotes such action through our twelve conferences since November 2014, with over 175,000 views of conference videos on YouTube, our scientific publication (The Compendium*),  our collaborations with other organizations around the eco-restoration message, and this, the YEA Project, bringing essential eco-restoration education to today’s youth.


For individuals and organizations interested in collaborating with us on YEA, please contact Jed Katch, Ph.D., Director of Education,

*Compendium of Scientific and Practical Findings Supporting Eco-Restoration to Address Global Warming