Working with Nature to Cool Climates through Plants, Soil, and Water

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Jan’s Quick-Take:

Didi is a world class educator and a real Vermonter who knows her stuff, and how to teach it to anyone who cares about soil and water. She is the great source for all aspects of the famed “soil carbon sponge.” We at Voices of Water for Climate consider her to be a kindred spirit and prime partner. To find out more about Didi check out her website .

Abstract (or Excerpt):

We can safely, naturally, and quickly cool our local and regional climates by working with natural hydrological cooling processes. These processes need nothing more than living landscapes with abundant plant life and a functional soil sponge to soak up the rain. A soil carbon sponge is created by plant roots, microbes, and other soil life.

Many people in cities, suburbs, farms and ranches—are already successfully restoring these processes. You don’t need a science degree to understand how to do it. The co-benefits are enormous, providing resilience to extreme weather events, as well as improvements in clean water supplies and food security.

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