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John Feldman brings the voices of Bio4Climate together in his new film – Regenerating Life. When you donate to this campaign, part of your donation goes to support our work (as long as you fill in the box on the donation page with our name). And you get to see this groundbreaking film before the rest of the world!   

It is water that governs 95% of the heat dynamics of the blue planet, Earth. Water.

Walter Jehne in Regenerating Life

This morning the smell from drought-induced wildfires in Canada permeates our garden, the sky is an eerie greenish yellow.  Yesterday I read that Arizona is running out of water. This IS climate change.  

The climate crisis can only be mitigated by regenerating the complex system that maintains and regulates the climate, the system humans have been destroying for centuries: the system of Life, what some call the biosphere, some call Mother Earth, and others call Nature.

This is the subject of my new documentary, Regenerating Life, which presents a new approach to the causes and solutions to climate change. (See trailer below.) Today, I am starting a four week fund-raising campaign to get the film out to people everywhere. It’s urgent.

The film gives people and organizations a tool for education, outreach and policy change. The more people see this film, the more people speak out and stand up for sensible solutions to the climate crisis, the sooner we’ll be able to turn this around. 

This fundraising campaign gives you the opportunity to be the first to see and share the film – before the Premieres in October. Your donations will be used to enhance the film’s reach, this includes subtitles in 7 languages, a study guide entitled An Earthlings Guide to Planetary Health (to be co-written by Didi Pershouse), underwriting of community screenings, and a spectacular series of Premiere Event Screenings with notable guest speakers, panelists, and receptions. After the Premieres, Bullfrog Films, will take over the distribution.

The campaign ends on July 4th so that we can set off fireworks celebrating your generosity.

Click HERE to go to our Give Lively campaign page. If you have any questions please ask.

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