What Drives the Greenhouse Effect

What Drives the Greenhouse Effect
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One of the profound ways Australian Climatologist Walter Jehne influenced my thinking was in helping me see the other side of the greenhouse effect. We always think about the “insulating” gases, and not about the source of the heat. And that’s bare land…

This introduces the first of my RegenLife Minutes:

From the new documentary Regenerating Life, this 1 minute video takes another approach to understanding the greenhouse effect.

The courageous pioneering organization Biodiversity for a Livable Climate has been one of my important mentors throughout the making of Regenerating Life. We are thrilled to announce that we are now partnering with them in distributing the film. They have committed to presenting a Premiere Screening Event for Regenerating Life on October 14, 2023 at Tufts University and are currently lining up a great panel of speakers.

This important message needs your help to reach the world-wide audience it deserves. Your donation before the public release will help us with subtitles and distribution expenses. World premieres will need funding for speaker’s fees and marketing. Didi Pershouse and I are working on a companion guide, An Earthlings Guide to Planetary Health, and your donation can help us make it available in time for our first audience this fall.

 All best,
John Feldman
Hummingbird Films

If you haven’t yet, watch the premiere here.

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