2023 in the Forest

2023 in the Forest
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As the year rounds out, it is time to reflect on the changes and growth we’ve seen in 2023. Nothing gives me quite as much pride, amazement, and faith in the power of change than our young Miyawaki forests.

I was honored to share our work with the public in this short feature from the Christian Science Monitor, in which I got to discuss the Miyawaki program, my motivation in working with communities to implement these pocket forests, and the ‘grounded hope’ that springs from eco-restoration.

I also got to observe the tremendous progress in our forest sites and lead two new plantings — our first pocket forests at high schools.

Danehy Park

January 2023
October 2023

Our Danehy Park Miyawaki forest has become nearly self-sustaining, with a dense interior developing and a tremendous growth spurt over the last several months. Many people have come to meetups, tours, and visits, learning from the forest and observing the biodiversity within.

Photos by Maya Dutta and Adam Sacks

Greene-Rose Park

November 2022
October 2023

Our Greene-Rose Park Miyawaki forest has had a flourishing year thanks to a rainy summer season. In working with volunteers to care for the forest, we’ve seen many birds, bees, and bunnies enjoying the site, and countless seedlings springing up.

Photos by Maya Dutta

Natick High School

In September, after over a year of working with the Town of Natick to develop a Miyawaki forest project for climate resilience, we planted at Natick High School. Over 100 volunteers joined us in planting, mulching, and celebrating the new forest.

Photos by Maya Dutta

Somerville High School

In October, we planted at Somerville High School, with over 100 volunteers joining in for site preparation, planting, mulching, and celebrating the occasion. From students and parents to the Mayor of Somerville herself, it was beautiful to see the community gather to transform this space.

Photos by Cassandra Klos

To learn more about our Miyawaki Forests, sign up to volunteer with our projects, or find out about the method, check out our Miyawaki Program Page. And make sure to join our mailing list and social media to keep up with the latest meetups and news.

August meetup in Danehy Park (Photo by Jim Laurie)

I’m looking forward to keeping on growing and learning with you in the new year. To keep this work going, please consider making an end of year gift to support us today. Thank you!!

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