Signing on to Protect Forests

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Signing on to Protect Forests

Bio4Climate joins Request to Outdoor Industry for Reconsideration of Wildfire Position – Response to Letter to Congress Regarding the Farm Bill

Executive Director Beck Mordini has signed on behalf of Biodiversity for a Livable Climate a joint letter opposing language requested for the Farm Bill that seems innocuous, but would actually support forest thinning, logging and proscribed burns. We join with the John Muir Project of Earth Island Institute and numerous other environmental leaders in questioning this language.

We at Bio4Climate have also been very concerned about increased logging, clear cutting and thinning in the name of fire management. Our research points to the essential role of mature and old growth forests in climate systems, including the biotic pump which brings rain inland, and the cooling effect of evapotranspiration.

The drying of soils is a major concern. Our staff biologist, Jim Laurie, has been teaching about the role of animals in hydrating the soil with beavers playing a key role in forests systems.  Jan Lambert, founder of Voices of Water, was an active advocate for beavers and our Compendium has numerous articles.

A much better approach to fire management than the extreme measure of clearcutting miles of old growth forest, such as was just done in Banff Canada, would be extreme commitment to re-introducing millions of beavers and restoring the natural wetlands which used to cut across North American forests. The research of Emily Fairfax shows these green fire breaks are effective and can develop over the period of just one or two years.  As your letter points out, no research shows such positive results for logging.

To the contrary, recent studies of the Amazon point to deforestation as a major cause of forest fires, as it removes the hydrating and cooling effects of the forest, creating the dry conditions that can lead to fires. 

I have signed on behalf of Biodiversity for a Livable Climate and offer our partnership in further efforts to protect forests and address wildfires by strengthening biodiversity of both plants and animals in vulnerable ecosystems.

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