Life Saves the Planet

Life Saves the Planet

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“Life Saves the Planet” is more than just a blog—it’s our philosophy and a partnership with GBH public television’s Lowell Lecture Series. In the search for answers to climate change, we look to the interconnected living systems that sustain our planet. These biodiverse systems shape our atmosphere, regulate temperature, and maintain balance in weather patterns. Inspired by the words of Janine Benyus, who proclaimed that “life creates the conditions of life,” we gather cutting-edge research, ideas, and resources to guide the way. 

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Water, Land, and Climate –The Critical Connection

Water plays a critical role in restoring a livable climate.
A New Water Paradigm is emerging to help us restore landscapes naturally,
so we no longer wastefully “drain the rain” but instead “retain the rain” with
water catchments, soil, plants and animals.
The result?
We can renew our climates through local action, by allowing rainwater…

The New Water Paradigm: Global Climate and Ecosystem Restoration

Bernd Walter Müller edited by: Helena Laughton Jan Lambert’s Quick Take: Very understandable reading about the importance of the New Water Paradigm. Abstract: Most global water-related crises, such as water scarcity, drought, desertification, flooding, rising sea levels and climate change, are symptoms of long-term mismanagement of rainwater and vegetation. This results in global disruptions to…