Bruce Fulford, Mark Smith, Liz Wiley, Emily Jodka: Urban Agriculture in a Thriving Bioregion

Panel - Urban Agriculture in a Thriving Bioregion

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Some of the benefits of urban agriculture are well known: increased access to healthy fresh food, reduced “food miles,” and building robust local communities. Looking through the carbon farming lens we also see more benefits: biodiverse landscapes, building carbon-rich soil and creating resilient landscapes that purify the water and air. Our panelists will discuss how to support the growth of urban farm spaces and regional relationships that strengthen them.

Sarah Howard, Earthos, Moderator:
Understanding and stewarding our urban-bioregional systems
Bruce Fulford, City Soil:
Creating agricultural land in an urban setting
Mark Smith, Co-founder, Brookwood Community Farm in Milton, Massachusetts:
Developing farms on peri-urban land – challenges and opportunities
Liz Wiley, Program Manager at Round the Bend Farm, S. Dartmouth, Massachusetts:
Regional support systems for urban farming efforts
Emily Jodka, Founding member of New Urban Farmers, Pawtucket, Rhode Island:
Engaging urban communities and kids in innovative and productive farms

From Biodiversity for a Livable Climate conference “Reversing Global Warming: Carbon Farming for Food, Health, Prosperity and Planet” at Bristol Community College in Massachusetts.
Friday February 20, 2015.

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