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Restoring Ecosystems to Reverse Global Warming
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Our partners support us and in many instances are doing similar work. We share logos and links, and we ask our partners to announce the conference on their websites, Facebook pages and in newsletters.  Our sponsors work with us as partners do, but they also contribute financially.  We invite broad participation from constituencies around the world; our partnership and sponsorship guidelines are here.  For further information, please contact climate2014@bio4climate.org.


Lead Sponsors: $1,000 or more cierpThe Tufts Fletcher School Center for International Environment and Resource Policy   (CIERP) develops innovative approaches to shifting global development onto a path that is more environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable.  CIERP is our conference site co-sponsor. TIE_colorThe Tufts Institute of the Environment (TIE) is an interdisciplinary university-wide institute that initiates, facilitates, and promotes environmental education, research, and outreach toward a sustainable future.  TIE is our conference site co-sponsor.

11th hour projectThe 11th Hour Project, a program of The Schmidt Family Foundation, promotes a fuller understanding of the impact of human activity within the web of interdependent living systems. We connect organizations with good information on how to develop a more responsible relationship with the world’s water, energy, and food resources.


The mission of Nutiva Foundation is to nurture people and planet by supporting the advancement of healthy communities and ecologically sustainable agriculture.


EPIC sets the industry standards by sourcing meats from ranchers who validate that their animals receive the utmost humane treatment.  EPIC animals always live pasture-centered lives where turkeys forage, pigs wallow, and buffalo roam.  By combining these healthful, delicious tasting and lightly smoked animal protein with savory nuts and dehydrated fruits, EPIC foods taste amazing! And they are unique: more savory, tender, and flavor-forward than jerky, without the high carbohydrate and sugar load of other bars. Reconnect with your ancestral diets and enjoy every bite of it!

si_logo The Savory Institute works to remove barriers that stand in the way of successful large-scale change to how the world’s grasslands and other resources are managed. Their work to remove barriers takes many different shapes, including monitoring, curating and conducting research; informing policy; identifying and establishing market incentives; and increasing public awareness.
vec-webHumans are increasing the amount of CO2 and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. There are plenty of intertwined reasons; political, economic and social. What’s certain is that its contribution to climate change and ocean acidification will have a devastating outcome if we don’t do something about it. That’s where the Virgin Earth Challenge comes in. It’s a prize for sustainable and scalable ways of removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

Associate Sponsors: $100 – $999 Applied Ecological Services is one of the leading ecological consulting firms in the world, dedicated to bringing the science of ecology to land-use decisions.

The Bionutrient Food Association is a national association of voting members who agree to uphold the mission of the organization and advocate for vital soils, nourishing food and healthy people. bccThe Institute for Sustainability and Post-Carbon Education (ISPE) at Bristol Community College educates the community on the impacts of fossil fuel declines in industrial society and the processes that foster post-carbon sustainability. cambrdige_naturalsCambridge Naturals was founded in 1974 to provide the best choices in nutritional supplements, clean body care products and organic foods. It is committed to sourcing products locally, organically, and ethically via fair trade and direct trade channels, and to donating a portion of its profits to social and environmental organizations that impact the local community.
carbon drawdown solutionsCarbon Drawdown Solutions offers the missing link to climate change, converting the liability of waste to the assets of electricity and biochar, soil fertility and carbon drawdown.

equal exchangeIn 1986, Equal Exchange was founded to challenge the existing trade model, which favors large plantations, agri-business, and multi-national corporations; support small farmers; and connect consumers and producers through information, education, and the exchange of products in the marketplace. With our founding, we joined a growing movement of small farmers, alternative traders (ATOs), religious organizations, and non-profits throughout the world with like-minded principles and objectives. Underlying our work is the belief that only through organization, can small farmers survive and thrive. The cooperative model has been essential for building this model of change.

flag hill farmFlag Hill Farm creates handcrafted, traditional, farmhouse-style Vermont Hard Cyders, all organic since 1984 and wild yeast fermented, as well as distilled fruit spirits, Pomme de Vie and Stair’s Pears. You might think of them as Vermont brandies, similar to Calvados Poire William. We think of them as ‘the spirited essence of fruit. They are the perfect complement for regional and seasonal cooking, foods, & menus, and a stylish & unique after dinner or apres-ski drink!
friends of alewife reservationThe goal of Friends of Alewife Reservation (FAR) is to preserve the Alewife Urban Wild in Cambridge, Massachusetts FAR into the Future. FAR provides opportunities for explorations in forest and Wilderness therapy, forest walks, bird habitat and birding, wild flowers and plants, education at all levels, outdoor recreation, cleaner air, nature drawing, small river floodplain forest dynamics, and carbon sequestration.


Dr. Mercola recommends products that he has actively researched and found to be the best in that category for your health.  A portion of the profits generated from the sale of these  products goes to a variety of non-profit organizations which protect your health freedom and provide you with valuable information to help you Take Control of Your Health!

nofa-mass-logo-webNOFA/Mass promotes organic agriculture to expand the production and availability of nutritious food from living soil for the health of individuals, communities and the planet, supporting methods of farming and gardening that can continue for generations because they show respect for the soil, water, and air.

pearls-logo-2011Pearl’s Premium is an organic approach to lawn care that is over-due for so many reasons: lawns are depleting our groundwater supplies, wasting energy and adding to greenhouse gases, run off and unnecessary health risks, what ends up in our homes affects children, animals and others.  The secret is in Pearl’s Premium’s very deep roots after one year, resulting in a lawn that taps into naturally-occurring moisture to minimize watering and better resist drought, and absorb soil nutrients to minimize need for chemical treatments. It grows very slowly above ground to minimize mowing, and nutrient requirements.  Jackson Madnick researched grass seed and lawn care for over eight years to find the best seed varieties and the ideal percentage blends of these varieties to achieve break-through, low-maintenance lawn care.

wright-locke farmWright-Locke Farm is Winchester’s own organic farm and a fun place to visit, volunteer, and get involved.  An astonishing 374 years old, Wright-Locke Farm is now being reborn as a community-based farm where young and old can enjoy spending time in the outdoors, help grow super-local organic produce, and learn what it takes to create a healthy farm.



International Year of Soils The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations is implementing the IYS 2015.  Its specific objectives of the IYS 2015 are to raise full awareness among civil society and decision makers about the profound importance of soil for human life; educate the public about the crucial role soil plays in food security, climate change adaptation and mitigation, essential ecosystem services, poverty alleviation and sustainable development; support effective policies and actions for the sustainable management and protection of soil resources; promote investment in sustainable soil management activities to develop and maintain healthy soils for different land users and population groups; strengthen initiatives in connection with the SDG process (Sustainable Development Goals) and Post-2015 agenda; advocate for rapid capacity enhancement for soil information collection and monitoring at all levels (global, regional and national).
AATA smallArchangel Ancient Tree Archive is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that locates and propagates the world’s largest and most iconic trees. AATA creates living libraries of old-growth tree genetics by cloning these old growth trees through traditional and advanced horticultural propagation for the purpose of future research and functional reforestation. We promote the use of the right trees for the right application for a balanced, sustainable environment. We want, and need to replace the natural filter systems of our water and air to fight global warming caused climate change, and protect our freshwater ecosystem to restore the health of our planet. https://www.ancienttreearchive.org/

bfpbannerBetter Future Project accelerates the growth of a powerful grassroots movement to address the climate crisis and make stronger, healthier, and more resilient communities by advancing a rapid and responsible transition beyond fossil fuels.
carbon farming 2The Carbon Farming Course – “Severe soil degradation, rising input costs, and a chaotic climate are putting unprecedented pressure on agriculture. We’ve got to feed millions more people every year – but do it in a way that does not destroy soil, water, and local economies. Carbon Farming is the way to do it,” said Ethan Roland, Executive Director of the Resilience Foundation, where the Carbon Farming Course was developed. carbon_undergroundTheCarbonUnderground  was created to be the umbrella organization responsible for organizing, communicating and educating the world about the powerful climate change-reversing ability of healthy soil, and for helping to create the transformation of enough farms and grasslands to restore a healthy climate.  TheCarbonUnderground’s  online platform under development will provide a dynamic data-sharing home for farmers, governments, NGOs, and scientists to both improve results and proliferate transformation.

CGP small

Since 1984, Chelsea Green has been the publishing leader for books on the politics and practice of sustainable living, and is a founding member of the Green Press Initiative.  It has led the industry in use of recycled paper, and in foundational books on renewable energy, green building, organic agriculture, eco-cuisine, and ethical business. Chelsea Green is the publisher of Judith Schwartz’s landmark book, Cows Save the Planet. CCL LOGOCitizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) is a 7-year old, nonprofit, grassroots volunteer organization focused exclusively on passing a revenue-neutral carbon fee and dividend (CFD) to address climate change. CCL provides its members with tool kits for direct lobbying of local and national elected representatives and their staffs; conducts monthly actions and conference calls with experts to expand members’ personal political power; trains them in placement of public comments in print media and in building relationships with editorial boards, and organizes at a grass-roots level to build consensus. CCL empowers individuals to find their voice in the climate debate.

community solutionsThe Arthur Morgan Institute for Community Solutions, founded in 1940 as Community Service, Inc., is a non-profit organization that advocates for small communities and the benefits of face-to-face relationships in a particular place. The organization envisions a world where people live sustainably and cooperatively in smaller communities which are diverse, equitable, and just.

ecolandscapeallianceThe Ecological Landscape Alliance advocates for responsible stewardship of land and natural resources in landscaping and horticultural practices. ediblelandscapesEdible Landscapes is will help you create low-maintenance perennial edible landscapes to feed your friends and family for years to come.  Imagine your yard transformed into an inviting garden of greens, veggies, fruits and herbs that you can harvest year after year!

Food Tank is focused on building a global community for safe, healthy, nourished eaters. We spotlight environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable ways of alleviating hunger, obesity, and poverty and create networks of people, organizations, and content to push for food system change.

gardens for health

Gardens for Health International is changing the way that malnutrition is treated: by moving away from short-term handouts and towards equipping families with the knowledge and resources to grow their own nutritious food and improve their health. We envision a future in which the key to lasting food and nutrient security for vulnerable families lies in their own backyards.

global_coral_reef_allianceThe Global Coral Reef Alliance is a non-profit organization dedicated to growing, protecting and managing the most threatened of all marine ecosystems—coral reefs. Founded in 1990, GCRA is a coalition of volunteer scientists, divers, environmentalists and other individuals and organizations, committed to coral reef preservation and restoration. green cambridge logo small 344x200 Green Cambridge works to create a more sustainable Cambridge, and to protect the environment for the health and safety of all. It is currently working on several projects including advocating for net-zero fossil fuel energy buildings, promoting food waste composting, promoting local renewable energy, working with DPW to increase recycling by Cambridge businesses, and many others. healthy soils australiaHealthy Soils Australia (HSA) is a public not for profit company with a national outlook, and an inclusive focus to build a network of awareness about healthy soil.  HSA supports a wide range of proven approaches to build healthy, carbon-rich soil.

intl biochar initiativeThe International Biochar Initiative promotes good biochar industry practices, stakeholder collaboration, and environmental and ethical standards to foster economically viable biochar systems that are safe and effective for use in soil fertility and as a climate mitigation tool.

kiss the groundThe organizational mission of  Kiss the Ground is to inspire global participation in the restoration of our precious soils.

The Massachusetts Association of Conservation Commissions is a statewide non-profit whose members are local conservation commissions, individuals, businesses, and organizations that support protecting wetlands, open space, and biological diversity. MACC’s mission is to protect Massachusetts natural resources by supporting conservation commissions through education and advocacy.

MCAN logoThe Massachusetts Climate Action Network (MCAN) is a statewide organization that coordinates the work of locally organized groups across Massachusetts fighting the climate crisis. We have a large and vigorous community of 46 chapters (in a fifth of MA communities), hundreds of members, and others who communicate, network, and share information related to climate action. mniMni is a grassroots, non-profit, indigenous-led collaboration to restore the water cycle world wide using eco-friendly rainwater harvesting techniques.  One of the leaders of Mni, Candace Duchenaux, is a speaker at our 2014 conference.  See recent article in Yes! Magazine.
OCA LogoThe Organic Consumers Association is an online and grassroots non-profit addressing crucial issues of food safety, industrial agriculture, genetic engineering, children’s health, corporate accountability, Fair Trade, environmental sustainability and other key topics. OCA is the only organization in the US focused exclusively on promoting the views and interests of the nation’s estimated 50 million organic and socially responsible consumers.
pem logoThe purpose of the Planetary Emissions Management (PEM)  Forest Legacy Carbon Initiative (FLCI) is to provide a new and unique opportunity to support land conservation and management by directly valuing the sequestration of atmospheric carbon by diverse land types.  In cases where land conservation is the primary goal, such as in existing forests and afforestation, simply allowing trees to grow may enhance the landowners compensation through natural carbon sequestration that is verified by direct measurement


Planet-TECH Associates is a visionary-thinking incubator dedicated to a regenerative future. We investigate trends and innovations to determine compelling opportunities for municipalities, community foundations, government analysts and other stakeholders. 
Polyface Farm logo
Polyface, Inc. is a family owned, multi-generational, pasture-based, beyond organic, local-market farm and informational outreach in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. Polyface is in the redemption business: healing the land, healing the food, healing the economy, and healing the culture.
POCSA LogoEcosystem-Based Management for the 1,320 square mile Port Orford Community Stewardship Area (POCSA) is promoted by various stakeholders to improve collaboration among the individuals, agencies, and NGOs working in the POSCA.  POSCA supports the understanding that our common good and well-being is directly connected to our natural resources.

project drawdownProject Drawdown is a book, a digital platform, and database about how we are and can reduce carbon in the atmosphere over the next thirty years. Detailing and measuring technologies that are already available, Drawdown describes the beneficial financial, social and environmental impact state-of-the-shelf solutions can deliver. By scaling existing solutions, we can mitigate and functionally reverse the build up of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.


The Quincy Climate Action Network is committed to reduce fossil fuel usage and increase the production of clean renewable energy in our city. Many QCAN members serve on the mayor’s Climate Change Committee. Quincy is currently a contender for the Solarize Massachusetts program and QCAN will work with the state and solar installer to maximize residential solar installations if/when awarded.

RTE1Remineralize the Earth  (RTE) promotes the use of natural land and sea-based minerals to restore soils and forests, produce more nutritious food, sustainable biofuels and remove excess CO2 from the atmosphere. RTE networks worldwide with farmers and gardeners, scientists and policymakers to initiate projects and partner with NGOs, government agencies, and companies to make the transition from an economics of scarcity to an economics of abundance.
Schumacher Logo
The Schumacher Center for a New Economics educates the public about an economics that supports both people and the planet, and that a fair and sustainable economy is possible and that citizens working for the common interest can build systems to achieve it.  The Center combines theoretical research on economics with practical application, deliberately focusing on transformative systems and the principles that guide them.

shared harvestShared Harvest CSA  is a multiple-farm winter Community-Supported Agriculture enterprise located in Arlington, Massachusetts.  Shared Harvest connects local, small-scale farmers with people who wish to eat well off-season while supporting local family farms.  sca_logoSomerville Climate Action (SCA) is a grass-roots collaborative working for a safe and stable climate while helping to build a resilient, just, and sustainable community. We are focused on transitioning from fossil fuel dependence, ecological degradation, economic instability and social disconnection to low carbon lifestyles, ecosystem restoration, a local living economy and a vital close-knit community.

stone barns

The Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture is working to improve the way America eats and farms.  On December 3-5, 2014, it will host the 7th annual National Young Farmers Conference, providing participants with access to inspiring keynotes and unique workshops that address soil science, technical skills, agricultural policy, farm business management, conservation and more.sldi smallSustainable Land Development Initiative is a stakeholder social media association now positioned to help transform the industry that creates the very infrastructure of our civilization. SLDI is dedicated to delivering sustainable land development technology and knowledge resources to promote and enable fully integrated sustainable land development worldwide.

sustainable miltonSustainable Milton is a community organization in Milton, Massachusetts whose goals are to: Educate through workshops on living green, an environmental speaker series, green tours and seminars, and school programs.  Communicate with our Green News newsletter, placing environment articles in local publications, promoting new town initiatives, and publishing a monthly e-bulletin.  Promote reducing, reusing and recycling; energy efficiency and renewable options; and healthy homes, schools and building.

sustainable world mediaSustainable World Media creates media that matters, films that highlight change makers across the globe, people who are achieving real results and whose work focuses on solutions that benefit both people and planet. Watch our videos to learn about Permaculture, Rainwater Harvesting, Organic Farming, Food Forests, Keyline Design, Rangeland Management and much more. Sustainable World Media videos are produced by Carol Hirashima and Jill Cloutier.
Tree of Life - small logo
Tree Of Life Sustainable Development Consulting is dedicated to restoring the combination of life forms, and their interactions with each other and with the rest of the environment, that have made Earth a uniquely habitable place for humans. Biodiversity — the variability within and among living organisms and the systems they inhabit — is the foundation upon which human civilization has been built. The retention and management of diversity is urgently needed in order to build “designer ecosystems” that will replicate the natural systems that have evolved over 4 billion years on this planet and that create the very conditions for life to exist.

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