Featured Creature: Wombats

What creature roams the Australian Outback, extends its hospitality to others in times of need, and eludes predators with a unique rear end?

The tiny, mighty wombat! This little roly-poly ball of densely matted fur is a staple of Australia’s menagerie of weird and wonderful creatures.

Featured Creature: Mantis Shrimp

What creature has the best and most adaptable eyesight in the natural world, packs a wicked punch harder than a bullet and can change its body colors at will?

This would be the mantis shrimp in the stomatopod family!

Featured Creature: Cats

What mammal makes a mysterious sound that scientists can’t figure out, can jump straight up to a height eight times their body length, and loves us when we love them?

Felis catus, the mostly tame, sometimes feral, house cat!

Using the Miyawaki Method to Rapidly Rewild our Communities

Bulu mini-forest in Cameroon after 19 months; Photo: Agborkang Godfred Hannah Lewis, Compendium Editor for Biodiversity for a Liveable Climate and freelance writer The Miyawaki Method The Miyawaki Method is a way to grow natural, mature forests in a couple of decades rather than a couple of centuries. You do this by observing what happens…