Healing Our Land & Our Climate! – Starts on July 9

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In order to heal our climate, we must FIRST heal our land. In order to heal the land, we must restore the health of the soil and our ecosystems. Join Hart Hagan for this 12 week course on Healing Our Land & Our Climate! from July 9 – September 24. Classes are on Tuesdays and you can attend at either 12 noon or 7 pm ET.

We also invite you to attend one of our free introductory sessions on June 11 or June 25. During these 90 minute sessions, you’ll learn more about the course curriculum and get your questions answered.

In the course, you’ll discover the power of healthy soil and ecosystems to prevent flooding, drought, wildfires, and extreme heat, remove carbon from the atmosphere, and deliver nutrients to our plants, making them healthy, resilient and nutritious. You’ll also learn how to make soil healthy and discover effective strategies for sharing these critical messages in your conversations with others.

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